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Pulp Deals - What this site is about

From time to time, I come across cool pulps for sale, that for one reason or another don't fit into my collection. Maybe it's a duplicate, maybe it's something i don't collect. I thought you'd like to see and maybe even buy them. If you do buy them, I sometimes get a small commission. Know a cool pulp I'm missing? Leave a comment in a post or drop me a message at pulpflakes+deals AT gmail DOT com (Don't forget to replace AT with @ and DOT with .)
Recent posts

Young's Magazine - July 1910

Nice color choices. Click photo for details/to buy.

St. Nicholas - October 1930

The sky's on fire in this cover by Manning V. de Lee. Click photo for details/to buy.

J.C. Leyendecker - Kuppenheimer Style Book - 1919

Leyendecker tells stories of the fashionable society set changing from uniform to something better suiting. Click photo for details/to buy.

Battle Stories - October 1931

The cover was originally created as a Navy recruitment poster by F.X. Leyendecker and posthumously reused. Click photo for details/to buy.

Strange Detective Mysteries - March 1943

Classic cover from this titlethat specialised, as the title implied, in "bizarre, thrilling, eerie-laden, mystery stories" and featured a host of bizarre crime fighters. Click photo for details/to buy.